How to use the wireless filling of round cake

2019-03-19 21:03:25

How to use the wireless filling of round cake


1. When charging, always at a loss in looking for their own line, that means they are tired of wood?

Come on! Let's explore the round base and add a USB cable to it. That's right... is this the wireless charger? Yes, despite its small size, it has a very large energy under the super-thin circular surface. When used with QC2.0 or more chargers, it also supports 10W wireless fast charging of Samsung mobile phone. The conversion efficiency is as high as 73%, and the charging speed is comparable to that of wired mobile phone.

2. Built-in five safety protection, overcurrent protection, low temperature charging, high efficiency conversion, short circuit protection, radiation protection, five protection, safe charging more assured and secure.

3. With all that said, what about the Samsung Mobile Phone? Samsung S6 and iPhone 8 mobile phones can be used directly, without the need for receivers, direct contact with our wireless charging can complete wireless charging, it is amazing.