Why choose outdoor advertising machine

2020-12-02 09:52:33 hongling

Why choose outdoor advertising machine

In recent years, with the widespread application of advertising machines, we now mainly use vertical advertising machines and wall-mounted advertising machines, but outdoor advertising machines need to be used, which is compared to ordinary indoor advertising. What are the advantages of the outdoor advertising machine?

1. Accurate publicity

  The use of popular video and picture publicity methods makes it easier for consumers to accept advertisements, and in places where people gather, the products are more easily recognized and accepted from sight and hearing.

2. Can operate 24 hours a day

   The outdoor advertising machine can realize 24-hour video and picture promotion in crowded places without time limitation, such as hotels and other places, to realize brand promotion in the maximum time. The most common way of advertising we usually see is on websites, TVs, posters, etc., but the input cost of these advertisements is intermittent, and the consumption is huge, so it is now possible to achieve outdoor advertising coverage at a lower cost. By.

 3. The outdoor advertising machine has the characteristics of not being afraid of the sun and rain

  Outdoor advertising needs to consider not only the application scenario, but also the natural environment. It needs to be considered from two important aspects: sun and rain, which requires the outdoor advertising machine to have strong heat dissipation and waterproof functions Protection, otherwise, as an electronic device, it is easy to cause damage to the device due to high temperature or water leakage, causing safety hazards