How to deal with the blank screen of outdoor advertising machine?

2020-12-02 09:32:59 hongling

How to deal with the blank screen of outdoor advertising machine?

    Generally speaking, analyze the cause of the white screen first and then analyze and solve the specific problem.

    Generally, the reason for the white screen is that a resistor of the logic board is burned out by the current, which causes the outdoor advertising machine to not light up. Reasons for the logical white screen of the outdoor advertising machine: When checking the white screen, be sure to check whether the logic board is intact. See whether the whole machine can start normally, the length of time the screen is on, and a white screen appears after it is lit, whether the sound and other functions of the whole machine are normal, and the fault is determined on the logic board. Detect each power supply of the logic board, detect that there is no voltage at the VGHP point, and detect that the VGHP voltage is stable about 19.5V. If the voltage is abnormal, it can be definitely caused by the VGHP voltage immediately. If the resistance of the VGHP output terminal is normal, it is a problem with the capacitor CP19. Generally, the white screen is caused by the unstable voltage of VGAH. In the maintenance practice process, except for VGHP, it is the capacitor CP19.

    Outdoor advertising machine brightness

    Because of the strong outdoor light, the brightness requirements of outdoor high-brightness LCD screens are relatively high. Outdoor advertising player manufacturers can customize according to customer needs, generally 1500cd/m2-2500cd/m2 (the measurement unit of brightness is cd/m2 (per Meter square candlelight), also called NIT lumens.), can still be bright in high definition under outdoor sunlight. At the same time, in order to achieve the visibility of outdoor high-brightness LCD screens, all the high-brightness LCD screens shipped are equipped with an automatic dimming system to ensure that the outdoor high-brightness LCD screens are visible and eye-catching.