Nano touch wall advertising machine

2020-12-02 09:41:49 hongling

Nano touch wall advertising machine

        Before talking about the "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine", let's talk about the touch wall-mounted advertising machine.

        Touch wall-mounted advertising machine is actually a combination of touch advertising machine and wall-mounted advertising machine. Originally, the touch advertising machine is a touch all-in-one machine, which is mostly used in office meetings, lectures, hotel receptions, store counters, etc. The touch all-in-one machine can be like a mobile phone It is very convenient to directly touch the screen to operate. The nature of the touch advertising machine has not changed. Although its main body is used for advertising, it can be touched and controlled freely during advertising. That is to say, it does not need to use other tools, and it can be used directly in the form of fingers. Touch the updated content on the advertising machine to complete the show.

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        The wall-mounted advertising machine is undoubtedly a type of advertising machine that can be hung. There are many different types of advertising machines derived from the wall-mounted advertising machine, such as: LCD wall-mounted advertising machine, touch wall-mounted advertising machine, nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine, etc. The field exerts different functional advantages. At present, the application of wall-mounted advertising machine is very common in life. It can be seen in some coffee shops, milk tea shops, trains, subway stations, etc. It has the following advantages:

        1. High advertising reach rate and good effect: There are many people going up and down the elevator every day, and the wall-mounted advertising machine has a high reach and good effect on different consumer groups.

      2. Strong pertinence: the point-to-point interaction between the wall-mounted advertising machine and the audience, the advertising content can be better recognized by the audience and customers, making the advertising more accurate, and effectively providing the business with the promotion channel.

        3. Strong visibility: the wall-mounted advertising machine faces the audience at zero intervals in a limited space, which constitutes a mandatory viewing function. For example, when taking an elevator, most of the audience's vision will be concentrated on the content of the wall-mounted advertising machine.

        4. Low cost and wide dissemination target: Compared with other advertising media, the cost of wall-mounted advertising machine is lower, and the traffic of buildings, office buildings or shopping malls is large, and the number of times to go up and down the elevator every day, the number of times the advertising content of the wall-mounted advertising machine has been viewed Too much.

        5. No selectivity: TV has more than a hundred different channels, and other advertising media are also highly selective, and there is only one wall-mounted advertising machine channel in the elevator, and there is no other choice. The advertising screens and text information it broadcasts are indivisible. Advertisement inevitably entered everyone's field of vision.

        6. The application environment is special: the elevator has a quiet environment, small space, close spacing, and the wall-mounted advertising machine is beautiful and easy to interact with the content, which can deepen the impression of the advertising content. In addition, the wall-mounted advertising machine in the elevator is not affected by factors such as season, climate, etc., ensuring the outstanding benefits of its advertising content.

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      "Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" is of course an emerging product that has been upgraded again based on the advantages of touch advertising machines and wall-mounted advertising machines. "Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machines" not only have the operation of the controllable screen of the touch all-in-one machine, but also inherit The advantages of the wall-mounted advertising player mentioned above are really too powerful! So how powerful is the "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine", and where are the advantages? Next, please be patient and listen to the editor in detail.

        "Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" core advantages:

     1. Mass advertisements delivered on one screen: Supports the combination of text, pictures, videos and other multimedia audio-visual content, and multi-page advertisements are played in turn. The "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" instantly detonates the vision;

        Second, nano touch, real-time interaction: target customers can watch high-quality multimedia advertising products on the outdoor street, and can touch the screen with their fingers, and "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" can selectively query the displayed content;

        3. Ultra-clear screen, ultra-light viewing angle: using A+ non-high-bright screen contrast, greatly improving the layering of picture quality, 1080P ultra-clear resolution, "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" to create an exquisite visual feast;

        Four, intelligent split screen, creative display: multiple split screen modes, pictures and videos can be played simultaneously, can be modified with one touch on the touch screen, and the advertising style of "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" can be freely designed;

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