18.5 inch elevator advertising player

2020-12-02 09:33:38 hongling

18.5 inch elevator advertising player

        Elevator advertising machine is one of the important equipment of current information media, and it is also a business opportunity for media advertisers. In the advertising machine industry, the elevator advertising machine is the most "loved" advertising machine by businessmen. Why do you say that? It is because the return rate of placing an elevator advertising machine in the elevator and promoting your own advertising content is quite high . Many businesses or media advertisers have taken a fancy to this piece of cake, and they all want to bet on this gem of Feng Shui. The following editor will give you a detailed explanation of the advantages of the elevator advertising machine. Why are so many people staring at this cake?

Elevator advertising player.jpg

      One, a wide audience

        At present, the elevator advertising machine has been closely connected with our lives. As long as there is an elevator, there is a high chance of seeing the elevator advertising machine. It is an indispensable thing for men, women and children of all ages to take the elevator. The elevator advertising machine is placed at the entrance of the corridor inside or outside the elevator. You will inevitably have a prostitute.

       Two, mandatory

        Just like what I said above, such a big screen is in front of you, and there are some particularly novel advertising forms in front of you, you can't look at it more. Coupled with the small and confined space of the elevator, the content played in the elevator advertising machine undoubtedly shifts everyone's attention to the advertising information of the business or advertiser. Therefore, its reading is compulsory and customer initiative, and its advertisements are impressive.

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     Three, targeted

        The elevator door media are all located in the city's mid-to-high-end office buildings, high-end residential communities, apartments, hotels, commercial premises and other buildings. The audience covered is mainly middle and high class white-collar workers, supplemented by social celebrities, middle and senior government officials, private business owners, etc., with high income, high quality, high education, and high consumption ability. Advertising information is highly targeted. Other media It is difficult to capture this group so focused and accurately.

        Four, with high frequency and complementarity

        Elevator audiences come into contact with elevators several times a day, and at the same time come into contact with the media advertisements, and their repeated reading frequency is very high. It can help customers fight battles, do product promotions, quickly increase brand awareness in the city, and increase sales exponentially. Elevator door media advertising is an organic combination of dynamic audiences and static advertising content. It makes up for the shortcomings of existing television and newspapers and other traditional media, and maximizes the full range of advertising in points, lines, planes, pictures, texts, etc. Information dissemination effect.

        Five, with persistence

        Because the elevator advertising machine is placed in the elevator inner door or the elevator corridor door with the passenger car of the elevator closed, the advertisement screen can be instantly conveyed to every person who takes the elevator here, without any omission. The ad impact of close-up images multiple times a day deepens the audience's lasting memory of the advertising images.

       Fandou Technology's 18.5-inch elevator advertising machine combines the touch screen experience to directly touch the real feeling; realize the super gorgeous interactive experience effect. The new visual experience of vertical screen is no longer a problem. There is no need to make a fool-like one-key operation for the program; there is no need to make split-screen content on the computer through software in advance, and you can directly copy and paste the existing materials to the SD card through the computer It’s done with the button, and the screen playback mode can be switched instantly at any time; the simple and stylish dual-screen appearance design, equipped with a unique local gold paint, the strong texture highlights the grade.