How about smart photo frames?

2020-12-02 09:34:55 hongling

How about smart photo frames?

Many people will ask what is the "Smart Photo Frame Water"? Today, the editor who has used it personally is here to talk about my feelings!

"Smart photo frame water card" is a new type of smart electronic product for home and commercial use. In home life, the "smart photo frame water card" can be hung on the wall as a photo frame, and can also be used as an artistic decoration to decorate the environment in the home. My home is more literary and warm. In terms of business, the "smart photo frame water card" can be used as an advertising machine for businesses or media advertisers to place advertisements, and continuously deliver valuable content to customers.

Smart photo frame water brand.jpg

"Smart Photo Frame Water Brand" is a new type of smart electronic device just launched by Shenzhen Fandou Technology Co., Ltd. The original intention of the smart photo frame water brand design is that it can be used both for home and business. It can be used as a photo frame at home. It is a profitable machine outdoors. It can switch between home and business freely. It completely saves a lot of money for users, which not only serves The needs of business customers also benefit people's lives.

The "smart photo frame water card" can be wall-mounted or located on the ground. However, since the fuselage is originally wall-mounted, there is a floor stand on the ground. The "smart photo frame water card" is placed on the floor stand, which is equivalent to using a mobile phone stand if you don't want to use a mobile phone to watch TV. of. This smart photo frame water brand floor stand is also available in color matching, with blue, white and metal painted solid wood materials. The metal painted paint has a variety of different styles to highlight the beauty of home. There are not so many requirements for hanging on the wall. As long as there is a hook, it can be easily hung up. Of course, because the device uses AC power, you must choose a good place before hanging or installing. It is best to have a row. Plugged in.

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Of course, the "smart photo frame water card" is also very convenient in the process of use. The price is not expensive and it is very conscientious. I bought it and used it as a home photo frame, so I am very familiar with home use. At the beginning, I was a little white who didn't know how to operate. The background asked the after-sales customer service (the attitude was super good and the voice was also very sweet) how to use it, only to realize that it was operated through a set of APP specifically linked to the smart photo frame. First of all, when you buy it, the manufacturer’s icon and a QR code will be displayed when you turn it on. Then you scan the code with WeChat and you will automatically jump to download an APP. I forgot its name. Anyway, it is non-toxic and harmless green software, just follow the steps it prompts. Then hit the APP to register the ID of the bound device, and finally through the software one-click operation, upload, update, and modify are completed on this software vendor, which means that remote operation can be realized through the software.

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Anyway, it is very convenient and convenient to use. At home, you want to hang your beautiful photos on the wall every day. At this time, the "smart photo frame water card" comes in handy. You can directly upload the original image quality of the software to the smart photo frame water card, and then you can see it with one click There are beautiful pictures, and they are not repeated every day.