Hand disinfection and temperature measurement integrated machine program

2020-12-02 09:47:38 hongling

Hand disinfection and temperature measurement integrated machine program

        "Temperature measurement" and "disinfection" are hot words that will never go away in 2020. The sudden epidemic has completely broken the peace of the world. A huge "black swan" is still spreading its teeth and claws to capture precious lives. . In order to deal with this difficult big guy, people all over the world should work together to cope with this big change unseen in a century. Traveling must be disinfected, temperature measured, and masks worn. This is respect for their own lives and respect for others.

        True knowledge can be learned from history, and our country is one of the countries where epidemic prevention and control measures are effective. After studying and learning that the new coronavirus has rapid spread and can be infected through respiratory infections, the country took the lead in formulating feasible policies and mobilizing all forces throughout the country to take measures to prevent and control the epidemic. It has been 10 months since the discovery of the new crown epidemic, but it has been unknowingly now. I thought it was basically well controlled in the country. I can occasionally wear a mask without disinfection when I travel. Who knows, there is still the possibility of the recurrence of the epidemic or the spread of the virus mutation. This is not the most. On November 8, the Tianjin CDC smeared samples of the 138th local confirmed case of the city’s respiratory specimens and related cold storage environments, and carried out the new coronavirus Whole genome high-throughput sequencing and sequence analysis. Sequencing analysis results on the 9th showed that the strains were highly similar to those circulating in North America from March to June, and belonged to the L-genotype European family branch II. Since then, Tianjin has all entered a wartime state. Therefore, in the face of the epidemic, you must not be negligent. It is still necessary to disinfect and wear masks in crowded places.

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        Science and technology change lives. In order to better cooperate with the world's epidemic prevention and control, Fandou Technology has developed a new model that can not only disinfect the hands, but also measure the body temperature of the subject in real time, and also intelligently and effectively report the epidemic information. Propaganda—"Hand Disinfection and Temperature Measurement Integrated Machine". This "hand disinfection and temperature measurement all-in-one machine" is commonly known as the "hand disinfection machine". It is indeed a smart electronic device with three functions in one machine. It can be used for disinfection, temperature measurement, and advertising. It can be perfectly integrated into the space. It is definitely the best choice. What are the functional advantages of this "hand-held machine" and the corresponding scenario solutions are topics that I want to share with you today, please read on with patience!

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        Functional advantages of hand disinfection and temperature measurement integrated machine:

        1. It can observe the user's body temperature in real time and disinfect the user's hands;

     2. Functional support for ANDROID software development, more convenient and free control requirements, and more impeccable business opportunities;

      3. Remote publishing of customized software, suitable for local area/wide area network, supports remote push of advertisements with one click, and mass advertisements reach consumers directly with one click;

      4. Remote operation, U disk automatic playback, smart switch, smart split screen, high-definition display, multi-faceted display business opportunities everywhere

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        Solution for hand disinfection and temperature measurement integrated machine:

       1. The entrance of a large shopping mall

        Shopping malls are one of the densely populated places. In addition, it is still a special period of the epidemic. The risk of infection is very high if there are too many people to do the corresponding prevention and control measures. If it is not done strictly, the entire mall may have been in contact with patients. All quarantine, and all the corresponding departments are removed from their posts and criticized and educated. So, this is no joke. Putting the “hand disinfection and temperature measurement all-in-one machine” at the entrance of the mall can reduce the pressure on the guards responsible for prevention and control measures, and accurately record the temperature of each body and the effective protection of health, and can also promote the prevention and control of the epidemic Promotional video. Therefore, it is best to use it in this place.

        Second, the gate of the community

      Usually there are guards in the community. They are responsible for the registration of people entering and exiting. Now it also includes the need to measure everyone's body temperature. Although the workload of the doorman is very relaxed, he is responsible for the registration and the work of entering and leaving vehicles every day. But in the face of epidemic prevention and control, no one can ignore that disinfection and temperature measurement are essential. Therefore, the distribution of community gates not only guarantees the health and safety of the people in the community, but also reminds the people in the community to go out to disinfect and wear masks.