Features of outdoor advertising machine

2021-01-05 11:02:36 hongling

Features of outdoor advertising machine

    In life, the figure of outdoor machine can be seen everywhere. Such as large-scale shopping malls, streets, communities, high-speed station entrances and other places have more applications. There are mainly two types of outdoor machine structures, one is a horizontal structure, and the other is a vertical structure. It is easier for people to accept the actual application according to the actual scene requirements.

1. Stylish playback mode

    Compared with the traditional scrolling playback, the outdoor unit can achieve dynamic and static combination, that is, dynamic video and static display, such as picture playback. Its appearance adopts a customized design, matching the appearance color according to the needs of the scene. Make it more harmonious with the actual scene.

2. Product video highlights

    The outdoor unit uses a bright LCD screen, which can provide high-quality playback of the content to be played. Its brightness can be read in the sun, waterproof and dustproof, and the playback content is clearly visible. For different styles, we recommend suitable styles according to the required application scenarios and different functions.

3. Sun protection and explosion-proof:

    When selecting materials, the outdoor unit uses a metallic stainless steel casing, which makes the product resistant to high temperatures and severe cold. The external glass is laminated by vacuum, which can achieve a good explosion-proof and UV-cut effect. The combination of the two can make it have an excellent effect on explosion protection. At the same time, the waterproof and dustproof effect can reach IP65.