Which one is better, vertical advertising machine or wall advertising machine? What are the characteristics?

2021-01-05 11:15:14 hongling

Which one is better, vertical advertising machine or wall advertising machine? What are the characteristics?

   With the development of the advertising industry, the trend of advertising machines is becoming more and more powerful; there are all kinds of advertising machines on the market, and many customers do not know how to choose a vertical advertising machine or a wall-mounted advertising machine. Today, Shenzhen Advertising The machine manufacturer will explain the characteristics of the wall-mounted advertising machine and the vertical advertising machine.

   Vertical advertising player; as the name implies, it stands on the ground; it is not large; it can be placed on any wall. Its advantage is that it can be moved at will, no installation is required, and it can be used when it is powered on. The placement is relatively random, and the appearance can also be passed. Customization achieves unconventional and eye-catching. Vertical advertising machines are relatively suitable for banks, entering industries, chain hotels, chain stores, etc., and can help enterprises or businesses to display business information and interpret brand culture.

   The wall-mounted advertising player can be hung on a wall or other objects. Due to its own characteristics, it will save relative space. In actual use, the size of wall-mounted advertising machine must be larger than that of vertical advertising machine; it is easier to capture customers’ attention and achieve the purpose of promotion

   Wall-mounted advertising machines are mainly used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, supermarkets, high-end office buildings, etc.; it can comprehensively enhance the brand image of businesses, quickly release promotional information, new product news, and deliver more concerned business information to users in the first time.

  When choosing between these two advertising machines, from the perspective of publicity effects, wall-mounted advertising opportunities are more eye-catching and attractive than vertical advertising machines, but they are much weaker than vertical advertising machines in terms of interactivity. In terms of simplicity; the vertical advertising machine is more convenient and flexible than the wall-mounted advertising machine.

  All in all, when choosing an advertising machine, you still have to make a decision based on your needs and where to place it.