What is the smart photo frame water brand?

2021-01-05 11:03:24 hongling

What is the smart photo frame water brand?

        "Smart photo frame water card" can be understood from two aspects. First, from the first word "smart", when you hear the modifier of smart, you will never return to the unfamiliar, but there is a kind of familiar rush. . Because we now live in an intelligent world, since the AI artificial intelligence proposed at the Dartmouth University Society in 1956, since then, researchers have developed many theories and principles, and the concept of artificial intelligence has followed Expansion, scientific research on it also began to develop rapidly. But now, AI intelligence derives many smart products for use in various fields.

       The second word "smart photo frame", photo frame is something that every household has, I believe everyone is the most familiar. Photo frames are used to keep good photos, either placed on the bedside table for your own viewing, or hung on the wall for everyone to watch together. The smart photo frame breaks the situation of the traditional photo frame, not only has the characteristics of the traditional photo frame, but also has the advantages and characteristics that the traditional photo frame does not have. The smart photo frame breaks the traditional concept based on the title of intelligence. The photo frame is no longer a fixed one or ten twenty photos, but can be replaced with hundreds of pictures at a time. It also supports the playback of video, audio and video, and everything!

        The second word is "smart water brand", "water brand" usually we are in the corridors of shopping malls, hotel entrances, event welcoming door and other places. The smart water brand appears to be much more upscale here, and it can be used as an advertising machine for merchants' advertising. Whether it is video pictures or text, you can dominate the situation in major places. The smart photo frame water card is a combination of these two aspects. It can be used as a photo frame or drawing screen in home life, and can be used as an advertising machine in business. Let's take a look at the core advantages of the smart photo frame water card!

        The core advantages of Fandou Technology Smart Photo Frame Water Brand:

        1. The imaging screen is large, and the size of the photo can be changed according to the adjustment to make the photo larger.

        2. Since the smart photo frame is imaged on the screen, its resolution is higher than that of the digital photo frame, and the imaging clarity is also high.

        3. With intelligent operation, photos can be directly imported and displayed, so the smart photo frame is very convenient.

        4. The function of the smart photo frame is very powerful. It not only has the function of displaying photos, but also functions such as automatic switch, loop playback, display time and so on.