Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine function introduction

2021-01-05 10:50:15 hongling

Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine function introduction

        In our lives, the wall-mounted advertising player is the most common type of advertising equipment. With its ultra-thin fuselage, it does not take up space, and its ultra-wide-angle picture display features dominate the market. The wall-mounted advertising machine is suitable for all walks of life, the system is constantly updated, and the performance is constantly improved. From ordinary wall hanging advertising machine to touch wall hanging advertising machine and finally to the ultimate version "nano touch wall hanging advertising machine". That's right, what I want to introduce to you today is a feature of the "nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine".

        "Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine" is actually a combination of the touch advertising machine and the prototype of the wall-mounted advertising machine, which fully has the functions of the touch one machine and the wall-mounted advertising machine. The nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine Gu Ming thinks that you can touch and control the screen and display it on the wall. You can watch it and experience it by hand. This design is very user-friendly. Not much nonsense, the nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine has the following functional advantages:

     1. Multimedia

        With the continuous advancement of science and technology, coupled with the development of Internet +, the importance of multimedia is becoming more and more obvious. In the past, information was transmitted through paper newspapers, radio and television and other channels, and the effect of transmission was very slow, and the content was very noisy. Now it’s different. The emergence of multimedia has broken the traditional way of communication. Now we focus on the combination of pictures, videos, text, and sound to spread, so that the spread is fast and the effect is good. Therefore, the nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine must also have multimedia functions, supporting various formats of pictures, videos, and sounds to make abstract advertisements more vivid and humanized, and give full play to the creativity and initiative of media companies.

        Second, time domain

        The ultimate goal of doing business is to occupy the market share and make more money, the same is true for the Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine. Since it is possible to spread valuable advertising information beyond the limits of time and space, so that advertisements can exceed the time limit, media companies or businesses have more time to broadcast advertisements. The advertising machine is open 24 hours a day. According to the requirements of many media companies, the general advertising machine has an on-off time advertisement, which has an effective advertising effect.

        Three, personalization

        The promotional information in the nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine is rational, facing consumers one-on-one. It is to guide consumers, rather than compulsively. It is a low-cost and humanized promotion to avoid the interference of strong sales by salespersons and establish long-term good relationships with customers through information.

        Fourth, high efficiency

        Nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine can store a large amount of information, the quality and accuracy of information transmission far exceed other media, and can meet the needs of the market, update information or adjust, therefore, timely and effective to meet customer needs.

        Five, technical

        The nano touch wall-mounted advertising machine is based on high technology and is built for media companies and businesses in need. To conduct marketing, there must be a certain degree of technical support, change traditional concepts, and improve the needs of media companies and customers. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the future market, complex talents such as operating advertising machines, computer technology, video editing, and image processing are required.

        Core functions:

        1. Mass advertisements can be reached on one screen: support the combination of video, text, pictures and other multimedia audio-visual content, and multi-page advertisements will be played in turn, and it only takes a moment to detonate the vision;

        2. Nano touch real-time interaction: target customers can watch the information in the advertising machine outdoors, and can touch with their hands to quickly and effectively query the displayed content;

        3. Ultra-clear screen and ultra-wide viewing angle: A+ non-high-brightness contrast screen is adopted, which greatly enhances the sense of picture layering, and the 1080P ultra-clear image quality creates an exquisite visual feast;

        4. Smart split screen has unlimited creativity: multiple split screens + synchronous video and picture playback modes, one-click modification on the touch screen in the background, free creative design of advertisements;

        5. Time-switching machine is energy-saving and environmentally friendly: smart switch throughout the day, accurate and effective delivery of content according to time period;

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