75-inch teaching touch all-in-one machine, dual system, wireless screen transmission, all-round software

2021-01-05 16:50:24 hongling

75-inch teaching touch all-in-one machine, dual system, wireless screen transmission, all-round software

Display parameters Backlight type LED

Screen resolution 3840 (H) × 2160 (V)

Viewing angle 165/165/150/150 (L/R/U/D)

Color 16.7M

Brightness 400 cd/㎡

Contrast 5000: 1

Response time 4 ms

Effective display area 1652(H)×931mm(V)

Touch screen parameters Recognition principle Infrared recognition

Multi-point touch 6/10 point touch

Anti-light interference, the optical fiber can be used normally when illuminating the screen at various angles

Writing method Finger, pen (any opaque object with a diameter> 5mm)

Touch accuracy of more than 95% of the touch area is ±2mm

Communication mode Full speed USB 2.0/3.0

The surface hardness of the writing screen is physically tempered with Mohs level 7 explosion-proof

Touch service life, service life of more than 80,000 hours

PC configuration CPU standard Intel I3 dual-core 2.1G or /I5 dual-core 2.5G

Memory standard 4G DDR3/1600

Hard disk 2.5 inch 7200 rpm 500G mechanical hard disk or /120G solid state hard disk

Network card 100/1000M Gigabit network card

Android configuration 4 core 2G

Hardware parameters Video input Coaxial antenna port: one set

Composite video (CVBS) input port: two groups

Computer VGA port: one set (front)

Component terminal: one set

Multimedia USB interface: three groups (front)

One set of high-definition interface (HDMI) (front)

MIC input (front

Touch USB input Touch USB: one set (front)

Audio input: Composite video (CVBS) audio input port: one set (front)

Computer audio input interface: one set

YPbPr audio input port: one set

Video output Composite video audio output port: one set

Audio system Left/right channel CVBS output port: one set

Headphone audio output: one set

Characteristic parameters TV system Image format: PAL

Sound system: BG, DK, I, MN

Decoding: 3D digital comb filter, 3D image motion noise reduction, 3D motion adaptive comb filter, etc.

Speaker characteristics: Speaker type: front speaker (front)

Speaker power: 10W×2

Input voltage AC: 100~240 V 50/60 Hz

Whole machine power ≤ 220W

Power saving power consumption <0.5W

Net weight 52kg

Gross weight 65kg

Bare machine size (length * width * thickness) 1693×1012×63mm

Packing size (length * width * thickness) 1850×1100×175mm

Wall-mounted size (length * width) 600×500mm

Use environment relative humidity ≤ 80%

Storage humidity ﹣10~+60℃

Operating temperature 0~+40℃

Reference Size:

One. Overall design requirements

1. Built-in integrated design, without any visible connecting wires of internal function modules.

2. Use aluminum alloy face frame (good heat dissipation performance, sturdy and durable, and effective protection of touch unit), and the arc-shaped corners are connected with no sharp edges.

3. ★The three-in-one TV switch, computer switch and energy-saving standby key of the whole machine can also be controlled separately, which is convenient to operate; the whole machine has a one-key black screen and green energy-saving function, and the product has the function of not turning off the power of the whole machine, and Without using the remote control, you can turn off or turn on the LCD backlight with one button, reducing power consumption by more than 95%, and re-waking the screen through the energy-saving button.

4. In order to ensure the safety of product use, the whole machine adopts tempered glass no less than 4mm thick, which is explosion-proof and scratch-proof. The surface of the screen can withstand the impact of 550g steel balls falling freely at a height of 1.5 meters.

2. Display performance requirements

1. ★Screen size: 75-inch LED original LCD A-standard screen, display ratio 16:9, brightness ≥500cd/m2, contrast ≥5000:1, viewing angle ≥178°.

2. The image physical high-definition resolution is 3840×2160 (1:1 Map point-to-point display), and the writing screen adopts full tempered glass, which is scratch-resistant and anti-collision and can withstand heavy impacts.

3. Input terminal: ≥1 VGA; ≥2 Audio; ≥1 AV; ≥1 YPbPr; ≥1 HDMI; ≥1 TV RF; ≥1 coaxial input; ≥1 RS232 interface; ≥1 Road RJ45.

4. Output terminal: ≥1 VGA; ≥2 Audio; ≥1 HDMI; ≥1 RS232 interface; ≥9 USB interfaces, ≥3 USB3.0 interfaces.

4. ★The whole machine has HDMI out output terminal, which can output the audio and video signals of any channel of the device to the external display device.

5. Image format: PAL/SECAM; speaker output power: 15W x2

6. The life of the display screen is not less than 50,000 hours.

7. Intelligent recognition function of external signal input: When the VGA port or HDMI port has signal input, the device can automatically switch to the corresponding channel without manual adjustment, and can automatically switch back to the original channel after disconnection.

8. With independent listening function, the audio can be played normally when the standby is black.

9. Smart screen change function: It can automatically adjust the screen display brightness according to changes in ambient light, and has smart eye protection technology that does not flicker and consider blue light.

10. Equipped with intelligent cooling system: In order to effectively ensure the performance of the product, the whole machine has effective monitoring, early warning, cooling and power failure protection functions.

13. The device can lock/unlock the touch and keys with one key on the remote control to prevent students from operating during classes.

14. Support timing switch setting, multiple sets of timing start-up and shutdown time can be set, and the whole machine automatically performs operations.

15. Support boot customization: you can set the default channel for booting, you can choose whether the built-in PC is booted, and you can set it to automatically enter a black screen standby state after booting.

16. The active energy-saving function can be set. After active energy-saving, the whole machine will automatically start the light sensing function, and the channel will automatically black out the screen in one minute and automatically shut down in three minutes.

3. Touch performance requirements

1. ★Using non-contact infrared ten-point or above dust-proof and anti-wiping touch technology, any channel supports ten-point simultaneous writing and gesture wipe.

2. Even if the normal book-sized area on the screen is blocked or a touch frame is completely out of order, you can still write and operate normally.

3. Writing method: finger or pen touch

4. The first response time is less than 6 milliseconds; the continuous response time is less than 3 milliseconds

5. Effective touch recognition≥5mm; positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm

6. Touch accuracy: The effective touch recognition height of the whole machine screen is less than 3.5mm, that is, when the height of the touched object is less than 3.5mm from the outer surface of the glass, the touch screen is recognized as a click operation to ensure accurate touch.

7. The touch screen has an anti-blocking function. The touch receiver can still write normally after a single point or multiple points are blocked, ensuring the smoothness of the teacher's classroom operation.

8. The touch screen has anti-light interference function, and can still work normally under the illumination 90000LX (lux) environment.

9. Touch box driver-free: Supports Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Mac OSX, Linux external computer operating system access without installing the touch box driver.

10. Built-in touch control function menu, which integrates the commonly used signal source switching, brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, sound adjustment, image ratio adjustment, TV channel switching, energy saving settings (automatic photosensitive function switch, active energy saving switch) and other functions of the equipment into Under the same central control menu, there is no need for any physical buttons, and any channel (such as TV channel or VGA channel) can be

The touch menu can be called up on the screen, and different functional modules can be switched by gesture sliding, which is convenient and fast, and avoids tedious operations.

11. ★The whole machine is under any channel, and the touch convenient menu can be quickly called up by gestures at any position on the screen surface, realizing five-stroke instant annotation, gesture erasing, screenshot, quick whiteboard, zooming in any channel, and other functions, which is convenient to cooperate with the video booth Wait for external equipment to assist teaching.

12. Reliability of touch module: Multi-touch operation can be realized when the touch frame lamp tube is partially damaged or the flatness of the touch screen is deformed to 10 degrees.

Four, built-in computer parameters

1. ★Using modular computer program, pull-out built-in type (does not accept backpack plug-in mode), realize plug-in without separate wiring, low-noise heat pipe conduction and heat dissipation design, with signal interface: ≥1 VGA, ≥1 HDMI.

2. Processor: Intel Core i5, clocked at 2.5GHz with dual-core four threads; Memory: 4G DDR3 notebook memory configuration; Hard disk: 500G hard disk configuration; Built-in 2G independent display.

3. Built-in dual WiFi: IEEE 802.11n standard; built-in network card: 10M/100M/1000M

4. Computer USB interface with independent non-external expansion: at least 4 USB interfaces on the computer, at least 2 of which are USB3.0 interfaces;

Five, ★Safety and reliability requirements

1. The whole machine can work normally under the environment of 0℃-40℃, and can be stored normally under the environment of -20℃-60℃ and its function will not be damaged after storage.

2. The flame retardant grade of the all-in-one product is V-0, which can effectively avoid accidental combustion of the product and ensure the safety of teachers.

3. It has the requirement of lightning protection level 4, and the product can be used normally in thunderstorm weather to ensure that the teacher's classroom teaching is not affected by the environment.

4. The body shell meets the tenth level of salt spray resistance to avoid rust and aging during long-term use.


Six, teaching whiteboard software requirements

1. Multiple operation modes: support five working modes: transparent annotation, demonstration control, full-screen writing, geometric drawing, and simulation test.

2. Software interface: The toolbar uses flat icons, easy to identify, easy to operate, and clear classification; multiple parameters can be selected under the same interface, and the toolbar can be minimized and hidden.

★3. Multi-point operation: Compatible with WIN7 and WIN8 multi-point touch protocol, support multiple people (at least 10 people) to write and operate at the same time, and the writing track is smooth and smooth.

★4. Gesture Recognition: Support "Eraser gesture" function. When the user uses an object larger than 5cm×5cm and touches on the electronic whiteboard, it will be automatically recognized as an eraser function. Supports Windows gesture operations such as zooming, rotation, and translation .

★5. PPT annotation mode: In the software, you can directly open the PPT for playback, providing PPT annotation, erasing, turning pages, one-click black screen, viewing PPT, inserting multimedia files, and switching between full-screen writing modes, etc. The marked content is directly saved to the PPT file.

6. Transparent page mode: In the transparent page mode, a variety of writing pens can be used to mark on any screen, including dynamic videos, etc., and the screen content can be intercepted.

7. Full-screen writing mode: simulate whiteboard or green board, use roaming function to realize full-screen borderless writing, coordinate with e-book lesson preparation system for classroom teaching synchronized with textbooks, and embed and operate multimedia files in textbooks.

8. Geometry drawing: provide drawing tools such as point, line, surface, three-dimensional figure, function, etc., and can edit the produced figure by animation.

9. Writing pen function: Provide a variety of functional pens such as ordinary pen, line pen, soft pen, highlight pen, smart pen, and provide different thickness, different color, and linear settings in the same interface.

10. Page function: The written content can be saved as multiple pages, and the page can be expanded without borders through the roaming function, and editing operations such as adding and deleting pages can be carried out.

11. Drawing function: Provide shapes such as straight line, ellipse, circle, rectangle, triangle, polygon.

12. Eraser function: Provide different sizes of eraser and area erase, screen clearing function, and can automatically recognize gesture actions as eraser function.

13. Object menu: Any content in the software can be copied, deleted, layer changed, mirrored, locked, linked, combined, rotated, zoomed and other functions can be realized.

★14. Handwriting recognition: It supports text and full-screen handwriting recognition. It can realize full-screen handwriting recognition at any position on the page, and supports cursive and fuzzy recognition.

★15. Voice reading: You can arbitrarily select the text content on the page, read them aloud, support Chinese and English reading function, support male and female voices.

16. Text translation: set the English-Chinese dictionary function, select a paragraph of text content, translate between Chinese and English, and combine the voice reading function to read it out directly.

17. Courseware production: provide electronic textbook production tools, and provide e-book courseware templates. According to the templates, dynamic electronic textbook teaching courseware can be made quickly and easily, including pictures, sounds and videos combined content; and text can be bound flexibly Harmony and sound content, word by word, sentence by sentence control and playback of reading content.

18. Sketchpad function: Provide math drawingboard function, support arbitrary plane and three-dimensional geometric figures, function drawing, support custom function parameters and constants; support three-view and perspective view preview display effect.

19. Geometric drawing function: Provide point, line, surface, three-dimensional drawing tools, which can draw various geometric figures, and provide perspective, 3 views, automatic virtual and real, automatic occlusion, natural display and other display effects.

20. Structure function: It is possible to realize geometry by crossing line and line intersection, line and surface intersection, midpoint, three equal division, N equal division, object center, free center, point line, point surface, perpendicular line, angle bisector, parallel line, etc. Compose the picture, and mark the solitude, right angle, vertex, etc. of the composition.

21. Drawing resources: Provide drawing resources such as coordinate system, various triangles, polyhedrons, spheres and polyhedrons, such as internal connection and external connection, for convenient and quick drawing.

22. Measuring tools: can measure the line length, angle, area, etc. of the drawing shape.

23. Animation function: Provide object transformation function, including translation, rotation, cutting, display and hide, color, circle, point and line trajectory, precise displacement, precise rotation, etc. Through the above functions, various graphics can be displayed in animation, including the rotation of 3D graphics and the expansion of polyhedrons.

★24. Resource material function: Through the software, you can directly access the computer's local resources and Internet resources, and you can directly access the manufacturer's not less than 300G, covering the knowledge points of each chapter of each subject in elementary and junior high schools. The textbook version includes: New curriculum standard textbooks such as People's Education and Jiangsu Education. The software can download courseware and resources online at any time without any restrictions, without an account and login.

25. Recording and playback functions: recording and playback of screen writing content, environmental sound content, and support for playback. Material import function: it can support the insertion of text, pictures, animation, audio and video and other courseware materials, support the fusion import of ppt files and the content can be re-edited.

26. The function of the physical exhibition stand: the software can directly call the image of the physical exhibition stand, and control the function of zooming in, zooming out, and taking pictures of the exhibition stand, and it can be marked directly.

Seven, wireless same screen

★1. The software use environment must be in a local area network environment, which can be completely separated from the Internet, and can be achieved with general routers and WiFi hotspots.

★2. Remote control: You can remotely control electronic whiteboards, all-in-ones, computers, etc. through mobile phones and tablets, and realize functions such as mouse movement, single click, double click, left and right buttons. Computer interactive keyboard and mouse operation can be realized.

★3. The mobile phone can move the cursor through the touchpad. The mouse cursor shape is optional, and the cursor shape can be customized. When annotating ppt, word and other documents, it needs to support multiple annotation methods, including double-clicking an annotation and pressing the left

Key to move the cursor to make comments, and you can draw comments directly on the screen through the horizontal screen of the mobile phone. Multiple Android terminals, Windows, and iOS terminals can perform on one server

Projection operation. Multiple terminals do not interfere with each other, screen projection and interactive operation are possible. The screencast 1080P video is smooth and the picture is delicate.

4. On the tablet terminal, you can directly click and operate the whiteboard all-in-one computer to realize file opening and editing functions.

5. With shortcut keys for ppt playback, including full screen, move up and down, left and right, and close.

6. Equipped with basic auxiliary tools, including highlighter, spotlight, magnifying glass, etc. The color of the highlighter, the size of the spotlight and the magnifying glass can be easily adjusted through the phone and tablet.

7. Photo upload: In any interface, you can call the mobile phone or tablet camera to upload the taken pictures to the whiteboard all-in-one machine and automatically display it at the top.

★8. With the function of recording micro-classes at any time, it can collect screen images and sounds on the phone and tablet, and automatically generate micro-class videos. The generated micro-video parameters can be adjusted. The generated micro-class can be played back on the phone and tablet with one click.

★9. Live video: You can share the live streaming process and experiment scenes of students at any time through the mobile phone and tablet camera. During the sharing process, you can choose whether to record.

10. Document sharing: It can easily play all the teaching files on the phone and tablet, including ppt, word, pdf, pictures, audio, video, etc., and can be controlled through the phone and tablet terminal to play, including full screen, fast forward, fast reverse, stop, etc. .

11. File transfer: wirelessly upload files on the phone and tablet to the designated folder on the computer, and transfer files from the computer to the designated folder on the phone and tablet.

★12. Wireless projection: You can project the screen of the tablet to the whiteboard, and all files opened by the operation of the tablet can be displayed on the large screen. And the operation on the big screen can feedback the interaction to the projection end to form a response.

★13. It supports recording micro-classes with only a tablet. You can open the PPT that the teacher needs to record, or open the material files that need to be inserted. You can use brushes and screen recording operations to generate micro-videos of appropriate size, and one-click screencast playback.

★ 14. The mobile phone and tablet software can scan the QR code to automatically download and save the course content.

15. The computer supports the teacher to forcibly disconnect other links, and supports the automatic startup of the control software after booting. After the connection is successful, the setting window is automatically minimized.

16. Support the mouse can be set, size and shape can be selected, and the mouse shape can be customized, and the automatic magic mouse function can be saved for the connection, which is convenient for the teacher to operate.

17. The software supports multiple encryption methods and supports registration number authentication.

Manufacturer qualification of LCD touch all-in-one machine

Qualification requirements:

★The authorization letter and after-sales service commitment letter from the manufacturer for this project are required.

★Provide ISO9001 quality management system certification for production enterprises,

★The production has passed the national 3C certification, and provide a copy of the authoritative department test report with the official seal of the manufacturer

★Provide the software copyright certificate consistent with the hardware manufacturer (multimedia smart classroom system V1.0, multi-screen multimedia control system V3.1, multi-screen interactive teaching software V3.0, VR teaching system V1.2, electronic whiteboard application software V3. 0. Software copyright certificate of electronic class card software V2.0 and all-digital language teaching system V2.0)

★CE/FCC/ROHS test report,

★Provide the product test report of the whole machine.

★The manufacturer needs to have its own brand, and it is required to provide its own brand trademark registration certificate with official seal.