Do you master the ubiquitous outdoor advertising player?

2021-01-05 16:47:47 hongling

Coming to the winter vacation time again, there have been waves of travel peaks across the country. Parents take their children out to play in the sunny weather, students and their friends go shopping together on holiday tours, and tourist attractions all over the country are crowded with people. When the traffic was traveling, the net editor found that no matter it was in large shopping malls, bus stops, tourist attractions or highways, the shadow of outdoor advertising machines could be seen everywhere. It can be seen that outdoor advertising has long become an indispensable beauty in the core of big cities.

The amount of data on contemporary social development is becoming more and more critical for everyone's food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Although people often see outdoor advertising machines when they go out, do you understand what outdoor advertising machines do?

Wall-mounted LCD advertising machine

According to statistics, the outdoor advertising player has the function of multimedia playback, adapts to the broadcast of document video and streaming media server video (various forms: video, photo, audio, etc.) can be super-clear cache. The outdoor advertising machine uses LCD screens to play song advertisements, which is very suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of international brands to deliver multi-faceted product information, preferential promotions, etc. to customers. Outdoor advertising machines are different from newspapers, magazines, periodicals, radio programs, televisions and other news media. They are widely used and have achieved remarkable results.

In addition, the electronic device bus stop brand LCD liquid crystal display can accurately and instantly display information on bus weather forecast stations, weather forecasts, news and current affairs and other information content. This effect has brought great convenience to the masses. In addition, advertisements are continuously broadcast 24 hours a day, and the latest news is broadcast in real time, which generates a lot of profit for the business.

The electronic device bus stop board also has the function of remote operation of terminal equipment: it can adjust the video watching sound, remote control/time switch machine. Nowadays, most manufacturers install cameras when making electronic device bus stop signs to monitor the status of the system in real time, which has a key effect on social security in big cities.

In daily life in big cities, outdoor advertising is slowly and fully playing a key role. Among them, the outdoor advertising machine also plays a key role in the whole process of promoting the development trend of civilized behavior in big cities. As the industry's first outdoor LCD display advertising player product standard implementer, Xunbao is also doing its best to promote the development trend of household media work, continuously crafting the product technology, and integrating the current Internet technology and cultural diversity , Independently innovate commercial display system software, committed to creating another spring of home media distribution.