How does the LED advertising machine meet the needs of users?

2021-01-05 16:49:44 hongling

With the continuous changes in the market economy, the advertising economy is also rapidly rising, and the advertising industry has become more and more diversified. Some traditional media formats have not kept up with the current market changes, such as the outdoor billboards we are more familiar with. Reorganization is nothing new, and another form of outdoor advertising-LED advertising machine is just the opposite. The application market is becoming more and more widespread. This trend has also given a lot of LED advertising machine manufacturers including our Fandou Electronic Technology. Bring clear growth opportunities.

Data shows that outdoor media net advertising revenue in 2019 is estimated to reach 27.8 billion yuan (about 4 billion US dollars). However, from the perspective of industry advertising, advertising flows more to online media, and the popularity of dynamic media advertising is ahead of the curve. As a dynamic and static outdoor advertising media, LED advertising machine has directness. This more intuitive way of presentation greatly improves the exposure and arrival rate of advertising information. The value of LED advertising machine is once again enlarge.

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    In addition, LED advertising machines can carry out different placement choices and combinations in local areas and consumer hierarchical structures according to advertisers' different target consumer positioning, so as to achieve high reach rate and highly targeted precision marketing. It has to be said that this is also a strategy of LED advertising player manufacturers. With the current large-scale consumption upgrade, if LED advertising player manufacturers do not make changes and seize the current advertising economy, it is estimated that in the big wave of technology Surge and ship overturned.

In the era of big data, the precision marketing of LED advertising machine manufacturers is actually the right idea. Take Fandou LED advertising machine as an example. Our LED advertising machine is equipped with face recognition function. Through the current huge database, the crowd is classified, and then through big data analysis, people of different ages are grouped to achieve specific The effect of the push makes it easier for the audience to accept, thus realizing the super-high efficiency of advertising.

On the other hand, the number of broadcasts and time periods of the programs delivered by our LED advertising machines can be downloaded through the background Excel table, providing a strong basis for users to optimize advertising strategies and improve operational efficiency.

In this demand war, LED advertising machine manufacturers should have seen huge dividends in the advertising market, so in this development storm, what we have to do is how to make LED advertising machine products more suitable for users’ needs and make the display more Active, thus becoming an irreplaceable outdoor media.