Development and design of mite removal instrument

2021-01-05 16:43:54 hongling

1. Brief introduction of mite removal instrument (mite removal machine)

"Mite removal instrument" is also called "mite removal vacuum cleaner". As the name suggests, it is a kind of vacuum cleaner. In order to meet people's needs for removing mites, the manufacturer introduced a vacuum cleaner specially used to remove mites, coupled with ultraviolet sterilization lamps and flappers, the most common type of mites removal instrument was formed.

Second, the working principle of the mite removal instrument

The reason why the mite removal instrument can remove mites, the principle of the program mainly involves the following 4 technologies.

1. The ultraviolet sterilization lamp will kill the mites; some "mite removal devices" also advertise that the high power of ultraviolet can kill and kill insects faster and more effectively;

2. The flapper will continuously flap the quilt, and "shock" all the mites deep in the quilt;

3. A hand-held vacuum cleaner with strong suction power can suck away mites, dust, animal hair, etc.;

4. Use dust and gas separation technology to throw the inhaled matter into the dust bucket. If there is any omission, the HEPA filter will filter out this part to prevent the inhaler from floating out and causing secondary pollution.

Development and design of mite removal instrument

Most of the most common mite removal devices use ultraviolet rays to remove mites. Ultraviolet rays do have the effect of removing mites. And has a certain penetration ability. But its effect of removing mites only stays on the surface of the bedding. Cannot reach the mattress. Allergens such as mite excrement and dead bodies left after killing the mites will still remain on the surface of the bedding, causing human allergies. In addition. Ultraviolet rays are easily harmful to the human body. Another common mite removing instrument removes mites by high-frequency flapping, which is similar to the method of flapping quilts. It can also remove most of the mites and excrement. But there will still be residues. When using this type of mite removal device, it should be done outdoors. And wear a mask. Otherwise, mites and dust will easily cause respiratory infections.

Among the various mite removal devices currently on the market, the most effective one is suction mite removal. Absorbing mites can absorb allergens such as mites and excrement at one time, with strong cleaning ability. The process is also relatively simple and clean. But it has certain requirements for suction. Too low suction power is poor in cleaning ability, and too high suction power and unreasonable suction port design can easily cause damage to the bedding. When purchasing this kind of mite removal instrument, pay more attention to its suction and suction design.

It's rainy days now. The mite-removing quilt dryer with hot air dehumidification function has gradually become hotter. The principle of removing mites by heat is the same as drying quilts. But short-term hot air can only affect its activity, and it requires continuous high temperature to kill mites. Studies believe that it takes more than 5 hours to dry the quilt to completely kill the mites. The use time of the mite-removing quilt dryer often cannot reach 5 hours. Therefore, it is more reasonable to use as an auxiliary method for removing mites or as a drying function in rainy days.


Three, the main components of the mite removal instrument

1. Ultraviolet sterilization lamp

According to data from Dyson Laboratories, only a part of the tenacious mites will die when exposed to 30 watts of ultraviolet light for an entire hour, while the UV sterilization lamps that come with the "mites removal instrument" on the market generally only have 3-5 Watt! All in all, the significance of the existence of ultraviolet sterilization lamps is only sterilization. When purchasing, you can ignore the advocacy of UV sterilization lamps by businesses.

2. Beater

Whether the flapper is useful or not? Generally speaking, there are generally two kinds of flappers for the mite removal instrument on the market: polarized and rotary brush type. The polarized beater is like the vibration of a mobile phone, with high frequency and small amplitude, and the effect of removing mites is poor. The roller brush rotary type is different, a variety of large-scale rotation jumping and flapping, can well eliminate the mites. Therefore, when choosing a mite removal device, don't care too much about the frequency of the beater. More importantly, the beater effect should be strong. The larger the amplitude, the better.

3. Vacuum cleaner

It can be seen from the origin of the mite removal instrument that sucking mites out with strong suction is its core function. The mites are very small and light, and with the beater, the mites are easily sucked away. Therefore, when purchasing a mite removal instrument, you must carefully observe its suction power and vacuum degree, or place your hand directly at the suction port for a certain distance to compare its real suction power more intuitively.

4. Dust and gas separation and H E PA filter

The separation of dust and gas is as important as the HEPA filter. In layman's terms, it means to close the two doors to prevent the discharge of inhaled matter. After the mites and other suckers are sucked in, they will first be thrown into the dust bucket by the dust and gas separation technology; but sometimes there may be too small inhalation that has not been separated. At this time, the H E PA filter will intercept them. So as not to cause secondary pollution. When purchasing a mite removal device, remember to choose products with two technologies: dust and gas separation and HEPA filter.


Fourth, the correct method of removing mites

The key to removing mites is not to treat the mites themselves, but to treat the entire ecosystem. At present, the best way is to use a mite-removing vacuum cleaner with "super suction" to clean the mattresses and mattresses every day, and remove the dust mite food hidden in the depths-dander, food residues, etc., dust mite excrement These allergens are all sucked out, rudely and directly destroy their living conditions.

Five, several common ways to remove mites

1. Dry the quilt frequently

Generally speaking, the range of activities of mites is closely related to us, such as our skin, sofa, carpet, bedding and so on. The best way to remove mites at home is ultraviolet sterilization. Therefore, we must dry the quilt frequently when possible. (The smell of sunlight after drying the quilt is actually the smell of mites corpses) Or use a professional mite removal device to help us.

2. Sulfur soap to remove mites

Clothing and pillow towels are also in close contact with our skin. In addition to exposure to the sun, this method of removing mites can also choose to remove mites, but the most convenient method is the washing machine with sterilization function. Sulfur soap is used to wash clothes and pillow towels to eliminate mites. Because sulfur is an insecticide, it is harmless to the human body and only has an effect on scabies. It can relieve skin itching and reduce sebum secretion. The main components of sulfur soap are sulfur and glycerin, so it can be used to remove mites from clothes and clean the skin regularly.

3. In addition to mites

Compared with the above two methods, the mite removal instrument with vibration and ultraviolet function can kill and remove mites more thoroughly.