Which brand of LCD splicing screen is good?

2021-01-05 11:20:59 hongling

Which brand of LCD splicing screen is good?

Many integrator customers said that they don’t know which brand of LCD splicing screen is good, and some have even suffered a lot. For example, some brands/manufacturers are often good at everything when they know about it in the early stage, but after the payment is paid, once there is after-sales The problem is that the processing speed is very unsatisfactory, and some of them are even unable to contact directly, thus losing the trust of customers in themselves. It can be said that the loss is as small as tens of thousands, and the loss is as large as tens of millions.

Which brand of LCD splicing screen is good

So, how to distinguish which brand of LCD splicing screen is better? Fandou Technology reminds you: The following methods can be used for reference, or it is better to consider comprehensively from these aspects.

1. Formal major

  Find about 10 LCD splicing screen brands from the Internet, and make a preliminary judgment and sorting through the official website of the manufacturer. Often the stronger LCD splicing screen brands, the website is made more high-end, and the product pictures, qualifications, parameters and other information are also more comprehensive, and then when consulting online or calling, observe whether the other party’s service attitude is very enthusiastic and answer Whether the question is very professional, etc. If you are still not clear when answering your question, you need to consider moving the ranking back.

2. Reliable strength

  Use some recognized authoritative websites or platforms to query brand/manufacturer-related information, and compare the company’s registered capital, age, scale, and operating status. If the number of years is relatively short, the registered capital is relatively small, or the business status has some bad records, etc., you need to pay attention, because the LCD splicing screen projects often move in the tens of thousands, even tens or millions of them. Strength, maybe because the project is too large, whether there is a certain economic strength to ship in time is a question, which may delay the construction period. Therefore, I am afraid that there is no registered capital of tens of millions, and you need to go back.

3. Reasonable price

  As a very mature display device, LCD splicing screens are becoming more and more transparent in the market. When the current 2 points are basically no problem, you can submit the customer's detailed functional requirements to the brand/manufacturer for a copy Detailed plans and quotations. Therefore, through the plan and quotation, you can not only further judge the professionalism and formality of the brand/manufacturer, but also judge whether it is reliable by comparing the prices of several companies. For example, the price is too high or too low, which requires careful consideration.

4. Field trip

  I believe that after the above two screenings are sorted, there are already some LCD splicing screen brands that do not need to continue this third step. For the remaining brands, if conditions permit, to go to the field is the most effective way to truly see the strength and professionalism of the brand/manufacturer. For some small companies with a few people, even if the service is enthusiastic, it is often impossible to have their own production. For venues, if certain brands are reluctant to visit customers on site, it means that the strength is definitely not reliable. Or if the brand/manufacturer has a typical case in the nearby area, you can negotiate and communicate to see the effect on the spot. If the other party refuses to cooperate with the negotiation for various reasons, then it needs to be treated with caution.

In short, when choosing a brand of LCD splicing screen, you should not just focus on price. Regular brands/manufacturers tend to have better product quality and better after-sales service. However, this will lead to higher overall operating costs, so product prices It's understandable to be higher, just don't be too ridiculous.