How to choose indoor vertical advertising machine and outdoor landing advertising machine?

2021-01-05 11:39:03 hongling

How to choose between indoor vertical advertising machine and outdoor landing advertising machine?

          In our real life, we will see vertical advertising machines placed on the ground and wall-mounted advertising machines hanging on the wall in many places, but many people do not understand why indoor advertising machines cannot be used outdoors. Let's popularize this knowledge for everyone. Common advertising machines include indoor advertising machines and outdoor advertising machines. As the name suggests, the use of the two is different and the requirements for the structure are also different. Indoor advertising machines It is mainly used in subway stations, supermarkets and other relatively stable indoor environments, while outdoor advertising machines are mainly used in changing environments and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions such as sun, rain, snow, and sand. In terms of the purchase of the two, the demand is determined based on the actual use. If you need to use it in a relatively stable environment with objective conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and electromagnetic, then the vertical advertising player is of course the best choice. And if you need to experience strict environmental testing such as sunlight, wind and rain, high temperature, low temperature, etc., it is necessary to choose an outdoor advertising machine.

You can choose different product types according to your own use occasions. Not only that, you can also choose according to the advertising content that needs to be shown. If you expect your advertisement to convey information to customers in indoor places such as elevators, shops, exhibition halls, conference rooms, etc., you can choose indoor advertising machines. If your advertisement is expected to be used in environments such as bus stops, large commercial streets, etc., this is the case Outdoor advertising machine is the most suitable as the first choice.

Because of the particularity of outdoor advertising machines, we will focus on the use of outdoor advertising machines here, because such LCD advertising machines often face more stringent outdoor use environments, so they generally require waterproof, dust-proof, lightning-proof, anti-corrosion, Features such as anti-theft, so as to ensure stable operation throughout the year. And different from the indoor environment, it is necessary to be able to see clearly under the sunshine conditions in the wild, so the brightness and durability of the LCD advertising screen are higher.

Because the outdoor environment is more messy, stable operation of the outdoor advertising machine is required to reduce the later protection, and the protection method becomes faster and faster, which puts higher demands on the hardware such as power supply.

Because the outdoor environment has stricter requirements on the performance of the machine, the cost of outdoor advertising machines is much higher than that of indoor advertising machines. The frequency of use of indoor advertising machines is higher than that of outdoor advertising machines. General commercial users and retail users choose Indoor advertising machines can meet the demand.

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