What are the advantages of the capacitive touch G+G multimedia teaching machine?

2021-01-05 11:41:23 hongling

Multimedia capacitive dual-system interactive touch screen all-in-one technology uses the current induction of the human body to work. The capacitive touch all-in-one machine is a four-layer composite glass screen. The inner surface and interlayer of the glass screen are each coated with a layer of ITO. The outermost layer is a thin layer of silica glass protective layer. The interlayer ITO coating serves as the working surface. Four electrodes are drawn from the corners, and the inner ITO is a shielding layer to ensure a good working environment. When a finger touches the metal layer, due to the electric field of the human body, a coupling capacitor is formed between the user and the touch screen surface. For high-frequency current, the capacitor is a direct conductor, so the finger draws a small current from the contact point. This current flows from the electrodes on the four corners of the touch screen, and the current flowing through the four electrodes is proportional to the distance from the finger to the four corners. The controller calculates the position of the touch point by accurately calculating the ratio of these four currents. .

             In order to break the traditional touch principle, the dual-system interactive multimedia teaching all-in-one machine of the infrared touch all-in-one machine, the new limitation of the electronic whiteboard and the education meeting tablet dual-use, is to use the infrared shortcomings and advantages to the extreme, pure capacitive G+G double layer glue The crafting. Appearance profile private model appearance, internal modular design, daily use and maintenance are more humane, supporting OPS industrial PC unit (commonly known as computer host and Android system: integrated CPU, memory, hard disk storage) and hardware profiles The perfect combination of stainless steel and aluminum profile shell multimedia multi-function capacitor pure plane education CHISEN multimedia teaching all-in-one machine, the external only need a power cord to achieve touch operation of the machine.

            Capacitive touch screens need to achieve multi-touch by increasing the electrodes of mutual capacitance. Simply put, the screen is divided into blocks, and a set of mutual capacitance modules in each area work independently, so the capacitive screen can be independent The touch condition of each area is detected, and after processing, multi-touch is simply realized.

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