Digital signage is becoming a popular sharing platform

2021-01-05 11:43:09 hongling

Digital signage is becoming a popular sharing platform

               Brand battle, will the digital signage industry enter the game? After decades of development, the digital signage industry, from stand-alone advertising machines, network advertising machines to AI terminals, does not become an industry regardless of brand. Whether an industry talks about "brand building" has become the key to its maturity. From the origin, to development, climax, and brand era, this process seems to be long and cruel. As the digital signage industry that uses new technology to promote the development of wisdom, does it need to start to lay out the "brand"?

                Several major elements of the brand: technology, culture, after-sales.

Technically, today’s digital signage industry can be described as a "consolidator", whether it is the same stage competition of LED, LCD, OLED, and quantum dot technology; or the gradual upgrade of 2K, 4K, and 8K; from the appearance of gradual personalization, Scenario-oriented, and gradually intelligent in function, digital signage equipment can always be decorated with the most fashionable technology today. AI, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and in-depth intelligence, the most of their application fields, are nothing more than a variety of smart terminals. Digital signage is becoming a popular sharing and communication platform.

   Culturally, as the "fifth media", it integrates into the outdoor digital large screen known as the "fourth screen". The level of its own cultural attributes determines its applicability in application scenarios. This is the cultural attribute of the industry. For content manufacturers, their cultural understanding determines the quality of their products.

   In after-sales service providers, many companies have gradually begun to lean towards the "one-stop overall solution", and have begun to innovate in all aspects from technology, products, and after-sales. In the troubled times of the past few years, the digital signage industry always had a practice of focusing on price wars and almost completely abandoning after-sales service. Today, this practice is outdated for most users. The public's emphasis on product after-sales service is not what it used to be.

   So back to our theme, with the advent of such a brand era, can the digital signage industry enter the game? Start a new era as a "digital sign ecological builder". After talking about the reshuffle of the digital signage industry for several years, it can be seen that the digital signage industry is becoming more sophisticated. However, within the enterprise, its cultural elements are still lacking. The overall digital signage industry is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises with scattered brands. However, the return of some large companies such as Samsung and LG, as well as the entry of LED companies such as Chisen Technology, Rongsheng Xingda Technology, etc., have created a certain stimulus to the original digital signage industry. The polarized digital signage is based on the concept Obvious stratification has been formed. Early established small and medium-sized enterprises with the concept of "advertising machine" as the main propaganda means, "late-entry enterprises" with the concept of "commercial display" as the main propaganda means, and the concept of "intelligent display terminal" as the main propaganda High-tech companies with a "probing ball" in the direction, and medium and large companies with "digital signage" as their propaganda direction.

   Of course, the above is only a generalization, not a generalization. The overall market is showing a trend of contending hundreds of schools, coupled with the impact of new retail, the application of digital signage is gradually awakening. Companies with outstanding cultural strength are also constantly joining, creating a pattern of "small companies fighting for price, Chinese companies fighting for strength, and large companies fighting for brand." In the new stage of "advance, a hundred schools of thought", what is "retreat"? Some small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have core technologies have retreated. Seeing the "stones of other mountains" in the digital signage industry, they have chosen to circumvent and switch to the development of other fields, promoting The purification of the signage industry, whether it is a refurbishment of products, technology, or the overall market; the so-called contending of a hundred schools of thought, many application fields are limited; or industries with limited application scenarios have expanded the application of digital signage, trying to win such a The field where the latest technology can be fully applied.

On the other hand, the emergence of all kinds of new technologies, relying on the digital signage terminal display device as the carrier, has given new vitality. For example, the digital signage equipped with ARVR and other technologies can enable it to achieve full application in Commercial operation of cinemas, outdoor display equipment, and shopping mall display equipment.

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