What are the uses of the hotel touch query machine?

2021-01-05 12:20:58 hongling

The practicability of the touch query machine is very strong, and the application fields are also very many, such as: hotels, airports, ground falls, hotels, hospitals, gyms and other different occasions. Next, we will introduce you to the hotel Detailed use and timely release of hotel emergency notices to ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of information transmission. The hotel’s service targets come from all over the world, and it is a diversified small society. Therefore, the selection of the advertising touch all-in-one machine should not be confused. The user needs to make the best according to the location of the advertising touch all-in-one machine and the main desired effect. The right choice.

         Real-time release of preferential information on entertainment venues and tourist attractions around the hotel, display and forecast various forms of usual information such as weather information, world clock, air quality, etc., to provide customers with convenient and convenient various information, and to provide customers with service and progress. Customer satisfaction improves the service and brand of the hotel. The big screen shows the organization of the meeting that day, improves the hotel level, and reduces the waste of resources caused by paper promotion.

   After years of development, the styles and varieties of all-in-one advertising touch screens have become more and more abundant. The all-in-one advertising touch screens can display information in various public areas of the hotel. Such as: lobbies, floors, elevators, conference halls, etc., these local can broadcast and provide the hotel with a full range of service information: hotel introduction, hotel map, cuisine recommendation, guest room utilization, preferential activities, local travel and other information content. Advertising touch all-in-one machines on the market now include: wall-mounted, touch-screen all-in-one machines, floor-standing LCD advertising machines, dual-screen advertising machines, and so on.

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