Can the appearance color of the vertical advertising machine be customized?

2021-01-05 12:21:53 hongling

1. With the increasing development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of the vertical advertising machine. According to the customer’s industry and the company’s LOGO to choose the appearance color of the landing advertising machine, it is more conducive to their brand promotion , To achieve the best publicity effect, but also to give customers a deep impression of advertising.

2. Of course, the cost of customized appearance color will be higher than that of conventional equipment. It needs to be matched and toned according to the Pantone color number provided by the customer. At present, the paint is manually toned, so there will be a certain color difference. The same There will be slight color difference when the color number is baked on the sheet metal and profile. Therefore, many customers should pay attention to these details while choosing customized appearance colors.

3. Why do many customers require a unified silk screen LOGO and a unified color when purchasing a vertical network advertising machine? This is more conducive to the formation of its own brand characteristics, more convenient for personnel management and later equipment distinction and maintenance, forming a certain influence in the industry, which is also invisible for its own brand promotion.

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