​The advantages and characteristics of splicing screen

2021-01-05 12:22:49 hongling

Advantages and characteristics of splicing screen

1. Long life and low maintenance cost. Liquid crystal is the display device with the longest service life. It has a very long service life. Even the shortest service life of the backlight part is as high as more than 50,000 hours, and even if used for more than this long time, it will only affect its brightness. , Just replace the backlight tube, you can restore the original bright colors. This is essentially different from the rear projection. The life of the LCD backlight is ten times that of the rear projection bulb, and its advantages and disadvantages are self-evident.

2. Large viewing angle. For the early liquid crystal products, the viewing angle used to be a big problem that restricted the liquid crystal, but with the continuous advancement of liquid crystal technology, this problem has been completely solved. The DID LCD screen used in the LCD splicing curtain wall has a viewing angle of 178 degrees or more, which has achieved the effect of absolute viewing angle.

3. High resolution and bright picture. The dot pitch of liquid crystal is much smaller than that of plasma. The physical resolution can easily reach and exceed the high-definition standard. The brightness and contrast of the liquid crystal are very high. The colors are bright and bright. The BSV LCD splicing technology achieves a pure flat display without curvature, and the image is stable. Flashing.

4. Ultra-thin and lightweight. Liquid crystal has the characteristics of thin thickness and light weight, which can be easily spliced and installed. The 40-inch dedicated LCD screen weighs only 12.5KG and has a thickness of less than 10 cm, which is unmatched by other display devices.

5. Low power consumption and low heat generation. Liquid crystal display equipment, low power, low heat has always been praised by people. The power of a small-size LCD screen is not more than 35W, and the power of a 40-inch LCD screen is only about 150W, which is only about one-third to one-fourth of that of plasma.

6. Long trouble-free time and low maintenance cost. Liquid crystal is currently the most stable and reliable display device. Due to the small heat generation, the device is very stable and will not cause failure due to excessive temperature rise of the components.

Of course, since the current backlight luminous body of liquid crystal products still adopts cathode vacuum tube (CCFL), the filaments and tube sockets at both ends of the tube limit the size of the LCD panel. The frame of the current DID LCD screen used in the screen is still 4mm-10mm Therefore, a slightly larger splicing seam is the only shortcoming of the LCD splicing curtain wall, but with the investment of LED backlight technology, this defect will be significantly improved.