The benefits of using the teaching machine

2021-01-05 12:24:34 hongling

Multimedia teaching all-in-one uses high-definition LCD screen as the display and operation platform, with writing, annotation, drawing, multimedia entertainment, network conference and other functions, and integrates many technologies such as human-computer interaction, flat panel display, multimedia information processing and network transmission. The optimal solution for office, teaching, graphic interactive presentation in the information age.

    In the office, the multimedia teaching integrated machine integrates projectors, electronic whiteboards, screens, speakers, TVs, computers and many other conference room office equipment, which not only reduces the complexity, but also makes the conference room environment more concise and comfortable without taking up space; At the same time, the high-definition, high-brightness, and high-contrast display characteristics solve the deficiencies and limitations of traditional projector equipment that rely too much on light in display. It can also realize the cross-space transmission of on-site audio, video and screen writing content through the Internet, which perfectly interprets remote video conferences.

    In teaching, the high-definition display screen of the multimedia teaching all-in-one machine solves the problem of dazzling light from the front of the projector. Full touch without blind spots and full interaction make the teaching lively and interesting. Its built-in massive physics, chemistry, IT and other teaching resources and intuitive images This greatly saves the teacher's drawing time and satisfies the students' thirst for knowledge.