Smart advertising machine makes publicity more convenient!

2021-01-05 12:25:53 hongling

The smart advertising machine is a new generation of smart devices, through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display to form a complete advertising broadcast control system, and through pictures, text, video, widgets (weather, exchange rate, etc.) and other multimedia materials Advertise.

Application scenarios of smart advertising machine solutions:

1. Commercial building LCD:

Commercial terminal advertising systems with LCD screens installed in urban office buildings and apartment buildings are generally installed at elevator entrances. The scope of this study includes street LCD networks, but does not include other channels such as golf courses and movie theaters.

2. Bus rental mobile TV LCD:

Refers to the commercial terminal advertising system with LCD screens installed on public transport, taxis, private cars and other vehicles. Outdoor large LCD screen: the abbreviation of LightEmittingDiode (light emitting diode). LCD display screen is divided into graphic display screen and video display screen, both of which are composed of LCD matrix blocks. Outdoor large LCD screens mainly refer to large-scale commercial terminal advertising systems that are used in commercial centers and hung on buildings, generally covering an area of more than 100 square meters.

3. Other LCD terminal markets:

Refers to non-mainstream channels such as cafes, KTVs, communities, restaurants, and subways.

Features of the smart advertising machine solution:

It has powerful multimedia information processing capabilities, including: real-time video, audio decoding, real-time video, audio playback, compatible with a variety of image, animation, and audio formats. It has an Ethernet network interface and supports centralized control through a TCP/IP network.