The difference between smart TV and ordinary TV

2021-01-05 12:27:11 hongling

General smart TV customization is compared with ordinary TV. In addition to the functions of ordinary TV, smart TV customization also has the following special functions (differences):

1. Be able to directly connect to the wired or wireless network to watch online movies and TV series programs;

2. It can support the installation of third-party software, and the purpose of watching live TV programs online can be realized by installing live TV software; at the same time, the functions of the TV can be expanded by installing software with different functions;

3. Able to play TV games, you can play Android games that come with the TV, you can also download and install other Android TV games to play, and it also supports connecting gamepads;

4. Other functions, such as supporting mobile phone screen projection, wireless transmission of pictures and videos on the mobile phone to the TV for display; supporting Bluetooth function, you can use the Bluetooth function to connect with other Bluetooth devices.

Smart TV customization is based on Internet application technology, with an open operating system and chips, and an open application platform, which can realize two-way human-computer interaction, and integrate multiple functions such as audio and video, entertainment, and data to meet the diverse needs of users TV products for personalized and personalized needs. [1] Its purpose is to bring users a more convenient experience, which has become the trend of TV.

Smart TV is a new TV product with a fully open platform and an operating system. While enjoying ordinary TV content, users can install and uninstall various application software by themselves, and continue to expand and upgrade their functions. Smart TVs can continue to provide users with a rich and personalized experience that is different from using cable digital TV receivers (set-top boxes).