How to solve the black screen display after the advertising machine is turned on?

2021-01-05 12:28:33 hongling

After booting up, the screen displays black, the word "RGB" flashes on the upper left, and then a "NO SIGNAL" image appears in the middle. After a while, there is nothing on the screen, which is the same as when it was turned off, so you can make The following judgments:

a. If you hear a "clang" sound after the machine is powered on, it proves that the 8pin cable for connection between the driver board and the decoder board is not connected in place;

b. If the machine does not hear a "clang" after the machine is powered on, it may be a situation or the power of the decoder board is turned off (see if there is a red light on the decoder board, if it is not on, the right side of the decoder board Just turn a small black switch to the opposite position). If the above conditions are excluded and the lights on the board are not on, then it is certain that the decoder board is not powered on. Check whether a 2pin cable on the board is inserted in place.