Bank vertical advertising machine application case

2021-01-05 16:52:32 hongling

Bank vertical advertising machine application case


Application background:

    In our country, the information release equipment of many bank outlets is not managed uniformly. In the three aspects of system management, information release, and system maintenance, there are serious manpower shortages, inadequate operations, and poor maintenance. There is an urgent need for unified and networked management to use the network advertising machine information release system for unified management, release and maintenance of the whole bank , Has great application value!

    Financial institutions can better promote their brand business and image. With the help of online advertising machines, they can better promote their brand business and image. Users use the vertical advertising machine system to broadcast financial information such as benchmark interest rates, to show customers notifications on banking services and activities, and to broadcast unified corporate culture, that is, promotional videos. Using the technical means of the advertising machine multimedia system can distinguish between audiences, and establish special channels for information release for different properties, levels, and different businesses, and become a personalized financial information service provider. Serving financial information has also been elevated to an unprecedented height-the richest and fastest information means the highest efficiency and the greatest benefit.

Application place:

1. Bank lobby;

2. VIP room;

3. Queue waiting area;

4. Self-service area;