What is PCBA processing virtual welding

2021-01-05 12:44:14 hongling

What is PCBA processing virtual welding?

   It is the appearance that it looks welded, the practice is internal rather than through, or it may not be a stable condition. This kind of headache makes it more difficult to find the problem. Cold soldering), some are due to poor soldering or less tin, the component feet and pads are not conducting, and some are due to the elements of the feet, pad oxides or impurities. It is difficult to see with the naked eye.

   PCBA false soldering is a common line failure, there are two reasons. One is in the production process, because the production process is improperly formed, when time is unstable; the other is a long electrical appliance, some more severe heating parts, the solder joints are very It is easy to produce phenomena caused by aging. There are many methods for how to read, so you might as well find Du Niang.

   Cold solder is generally formed when the solder joints are oxidized or impurity, or the soldering temperature is not safe enough. In essence, there is a separation layer between the solder and the pins. They are not fully exposed, and the naked eye cannot see its condition, but its electrical characteristics are non-conductive or poor, which affects the circuit characteristics.

The electronic components must be stored away from moisture. The in-line electrical appliances can be slightly polished. When soldering, solder paste and flux can be used, preferably a reflow soldering machine, manual soldering skills are better. Generally, it does not appear that "after long-term use of electrical appliances, some parts with severe heat generation, the solder joints of the solder feet are very likely to be caused by aging and peeling." This is a bad substrate.