How to integrate, reorganize and innovate PCB copy board industry

2021-01-05 12:43:15 hongling

Printed circuit board (PCB) is an important part of modern electronic equipment, but also an important carrier of electronic components and electrical connections. China is a large global demand for consumer electronic products. The PCB market has always maintained a growth trend, but the career started relatively late, lack of skills reserves, industrial products and the international mainstream generation gap, and many core components in high-end circuits rely on boards and boards. Imports, the situation is extremely severe. In terms of stimulus factors, the Chinese people started their own way of counterattack with PCB copying. The editor believes that the innovation can be truly completed, but also in the improvement of the skill level, the reserve of patents, and the layout of product evolution.

   Professional status: PCB copy board urgently needs integration and reorganization

   People may still stay in the past "imitation" and "imitation" concepts. Why can PCB copying lead us to become self-reliant? Just like history is constantly evolving, the PCB copying profession is also constantly changing. In 2013 After the impact of the global economic downturn, PCB copying in the same profession has always faced many problems, mainly in the following aspects: one is in the single copy of the enterprise and product type, lack of power work; the second is the relative overcapacity, the occupation Integration is imminent; the tertiary industry manages the sports industry, supports misunderstandings, and lacks development. In this regard, China's PCB copying profession has been constantly transforming and upgrading, strengthening skill innovation and professional integration and reorganization.

   Copy board skills: digest and innovate from a high starting point

   In the past, perhaps the PCB copy board just copied the PCB file, the manufacturing BOM list and the reverse schematic diagram according to the mother board or prototype provided by the customer, and then completed the prototype welding, debugging and manufacturing process. However, PCB copying nowadays is more of a process of learning, assimilating, and innovating. This innovative way of developing at a high starting point can not only avoid occupational hazards and reduce the development cycle, but also greatly improve the cost performance. It is of great benefit to the cost, capital pressure and international competitiveness faced by my country's PCB companies at this stage.

   Looking forward to the future, the PCB copy board industry is still optimistic about mobile Internet, triple play, cloud accounting, smart grid, new energy cars as representatives of the rapid development of strategic emerging industries, optimistic, will become the future of accounting machines, network communications, consumer products Electronic products promote the development of new power for PCB copying. Guangzhou SMT patch editor, with the continuous development of society, the direction of automation, intelligence, and hardware facilities smart PCB board changes have become a top priority. In the tide of construction of smart cities in China, strengthening the localization of PCB copy board will strongly support the development of talents in all walks of life.