A high-quality wireless charger must have four characteristics

2021-01-05 12:45:38 hongling

Wireless charger features

  Guide: When it comes to wireless chargers, I think it is a definition that always existed a long time ago, but it does not seem to be so popular now. The key is still that the initial technological advancement is not as developed as it is now. However, seeing that many people are now gradually shifting from wired charging to wireless charging, this is a major advancement in the scientific and technical field. Users see the advantages of wireless charging and want to get rid of many wire entanglement problems.

   Now many well-known brands will release their own wireless chargers, so here is willing to tell everyone about this issue about choosing a wireless charger, and what problems people should pay attention to.

Wanshun wireless charger meets 8mm distance

   1. Charging safety maintenance

When it comes to the problem of battery charging, people inevitably need to put safety first. Over the years, the explosion problems caused by the charging of mobile phone batteries have been varied, which is in line with the quality of mobile phones and the quality of mobile phone charging cables. It is closely related. Fast charging is the same. People must be concerned about the guarantee of wireless chargers. After all, there is no guarantee of safety, and people are afraid to buy it!

   Therefore, when you choose a wireless charger, you must understand that the wireless charger must have multiple maintenance, such as overcharge maintenance, short circuit maintenance, overcurrent maintenance, overvoltage maintenance, etc. Before you can take it home safely!

   2. Meet QI standard

Before talking about this problem, let’s first popularize what the QI standard is. The QI standard is a fast charging standard issued by the Fast Charging Alliance (WPC). So what is this WPC? This organization is the world’s The first standardization organization to promote wireless charging technology; therefore, the QI standard selects the current prevailing electromagnetic technology, and its two characteristics are compatible form and practicality.

   When buying a wireless charger, it is necessary to know that the charging head meets the QI standard. Only such products can be considered as qualified. This guarantees the safety factor.

   Three, support wireless fast charging

Following this, the rules for battery life on mobile phones are getting higher and higher, and the rules for characteristics on mobile phones are getting higher and higher. As some brand mobile phone manufacturers really cannot balance the correlation between the two, they have to write articles on the charging head. Most of the current charging heads are suitable for fast charging, and the battery charging rate on the mobile phone is inextricably related to the output power of the wireless charger. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone buys the wireless charger at that time. Most of the wireless chargers around 10W are more ideal.

   Four, automatic recognition type

Nowadays, high-tech technologies are so developed, there are many mobile phones that can be used with wireless chargers, but mobile phones with different types of standards are quite different at all levels. If the mobile phone type and the power adapter are not compatible, it is very simple to cause safety hazards. Therefore, everyone must choose the type of wireless charger that can automatically retrieve the type standard, so that it can show a safe and quick battery charging process to the mobile phone based on the DC frequency conversion process.